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The Blackest Things on the Net

  • Posted on Jan 12, 2017

Welcome back to The Wall! Where you can expect cool things to read, watch, and appreciate by Black excellence throughout the universe. Here are five of “The Blackest Things on the Net”. Enjoy!

School is starting soon. We all need study breaks. In order to keep your eyes on the Black prize, why not keep your internet wandering to Black sites? Looking for pro-Black websites, blogs, vlogs, and podcasts to help with procrastination this year? Look no further. Below are five of the Blackest things on the internet.

 -Stephanie G.

1. It’s Akilah Obviously

Akilah. Big Personality. Even Bigger Hair. NYC by way of Cincinnati. Girl About Town. Comedy Person. YouTuber. Writer for EVERYWHERE. Sundance Fellow.

2. Aba & Preach

Just 2 guys trying to open the discussion on different subjects.
3. Chime (Haircrush)
Live outside of the box when it comes to your hair, style and life. What is a firefly? Someone who allows love to flow through them and to them. #letyolightshine
What is cultural appropriation?
4. PostBourgie Podcast
PostBourgie is a running, semi-orderly conversation about race and gender and class and politics and media and whatever else we can think of.
  5. 2 Brown Girls. 
Presidents of the Carefree Brown Girl Society, writers Zeba Blay and Fariha Roisin host a weekly podcast about race in popular culture, film and TV.

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