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African Cultural Association

P. O. Box 264 Lowell, MA 01853
(978) 866-2327


The African Cultural Association was born out of the annual African Festival that has been held in Lowell since 2000.


African Cultural Association, Inc. (ACA) is a 501c3 non-profit organization promoting support and understanding of African peoples and their various cultures. Bridging the gap between the African continent and the United States, the ACA promotes understanding and opportunity through economic, educational, and social empowerment.

The ACA serves as a support network to promote the talents and ambitions of Africans. Individuals involved in our activities access a ready-made support network and are assisted in establishing their own individual support networks. We facilitate the combining of the expertise of Africans to enable the effective achievement of personal and business goals.

If you would like to help the African Cultural Association, please consider becoming a member and/or investing in our success by way of a tax deductible donation.

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