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Harriet Tubman Memorial Statue & Park

450 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02116


Here, local sculptor Fern Cunningham shows Tubman leading a small group up north. She strides forward confidently, with a Bible tucked under her left arm—a reference to both her religious devotion and her Biblical nickname, Moses. Interestingly, the men and women behind her appear calm and assured. Perhaps their journey is coming to an end, or perhaps their expressions are not literal but symbolic, illustrating the spirit of courage and devotion that drove Tubman on.

Although Tubman never lived in Boston, she had links to the city through her network of abolitionist friends, one of whom opened the Harriet Tubman House as a settlement house for black women who had migrated from the South. The house has since relocated, but it still exists today as part of the United South End Settlements program.

The other artwork located in the Harriet Tubman Park is Emancipation by Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller, one of the leading female artists of the Harlem Renaissance movement. Fuller created this work in 1913 for a New York exposition celebrating the 50th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s order abolishing slavery.

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