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HipStory Boston

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HipStory is a media brand responsible for creating unique, memorable, and inspiring art while maintaining a vivid connection to the artist and external influences that inspired its inception. Our mission is to build a platform and community for artists to cultivate stories through artwork that sustain over time, raise collective consciousness, and reestablish diversity within music. In short, we believe in: Redefining the Future History of Hip-Hop!

Who We Are:

Our media brand transforms music and film into engaging and moving experiences giving audiences a collection of diverse art addressing topics such as depression, relationships, blackness, sexual identity, racism, police brutality, marginalization, and an overall love for all things Hip-Hop. In 2016 HipStory produced and endorsed six Mixtapes/EP’s, was accepted into the Harvard RAP program, and curated seven HipStory House Parties giving 25+ local Boston artists a platform to perform and engage with a dope audience. Continuing into 2017, we have released two short films – Vitiligo and Art of Being Haunted – which has been screened at colleges all around Boston and New England. HipStory was also accepted in the Epicenter Social Venture Accelerator, and has 5 album releases planned for the year. The HipStoric Tour is an opportunity to build our brand, engage with amazing people, and share the incredible art of its artists.

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